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Men have certain expectations in bed and sometimes they might not speak out. They will not think about telling you but they will be happy to discuss this with magazines. We tried to find out about some things that every man expects. Men generally love bragging about their sex life to their friends. They do not get into the details. They are even quieter about discussing this with the woman involved. Here is a complete wish list of What Men Want In Bed? Which might make you go all kinds of crazy? Read on to know more about how you can please your man. Are you worried how to deal with the common problems in relationships? Check out this handy guide at

Sex is one of the methods in the guide of how to make a man like you. It is also the most important one. One of the primary things a man expects is a woman who is more than happy to go all out to get you hot. Turning a woman on is not just a man’s job. To enjoy a pleasurable experience, the woman has to get involved as well. Think about ways of arousing yourself including self-pleasure or fantasizing about how good the sex with your partner is going to be. It is okay to think dirty to get the job done.

Another thing one has to understand is that not all sex positions work well. Real life sex is not like the rousing sex scenes in movies where everything seems to go in tandem. If a position does not work, do not scream or make loud noises, instead convert it into a light moment that you both can laugh at later. Ensure that you follow some great damage control measures so that it does not ruin the mood. Men do not have psychotic powers to understand what pleasures you. Therefore, be open about what you enjoy and make sure that you guide him into pleasuring you. Compliment your partner by telling them how good you feel about it.

Men enjoy watching things in action. Therefore, make sure that you let him see. At times it is also a good idea to remain clothed as you can leave few things to the imagination. Try out some sexy lingerie to arouse your partner. Women are generally very conservative in a relationship and do not get naughty. Sometimes, it’s good to be naughty since men enjoy this. Do something that shows him how much you enjoy having sex with him and how much you want to do it.

Come up with your own moves that are way different from others so that it stands out at the same time your man feels like you would go to any extent to pleasure him. Try something new like a blindfold or tying him to the bed. Repeating the same act many times might get boring. Therefore, try something different each time so that you anticipate the experience. Enjoy the foreplay before the act as well as the act itself. Keep him surprised so that he can never guess what you’re up to.

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