Dog Bite Law: How To Hire A Dog Bite Lawyer?


Dogs are one of the most popular pets around the globe. Although everyone one of us has had contact with a dog at some point in our lives, few people understand the danger that lurks in the heart of man’s best friend. There is currently a dog bite epidemic sweeping America. Over sixty million dogs in America have bitten four million people this current year, and eight hundred thousand individuals require serious medical attention. In simple maths, one thousand people per day amounting to nearly 2% of the entire population. More info can be had on the popular website about the legal procedures regarding dog bites. One can also browse to learn the claim procedures involved when attacked by the dogs.

Children Are Affected The Most

Truly, most of the victims of dog bites are young children between the ages of seven and fifteen. Statistics show that almost all severe dog-inflicted injuries occur on children under the age of ten, and most of the dogs that attack people are known to the victim and belong to a family or friends.

Attack Of Specific Breeds

Although any dog can become dangerous if mistreated or abused, there are some specific canine breeds that tend to attack more often than other breeds. According to a study conducted by the Centers for Disease Control, the top three breeds that attacked and killed the most are Pit Bulls, Rottweilers, and German Shepherd Dogs. These three dog breeds accounted for more than all the other canine-related deaths combined. Other dangerous dogs that are likely to kill people include Doberman Pinschers, Huskies, Chows, and Saint Bernards.

Hire A Dog Bite Lawyer For Help

Hiring a dog bite attorney is the right option if you or someone you know has been injured from a dog bite. This is a type of incident that can cause serious damage to a person’s body. If it is very severe, it can even cause death. This type of attorney is also commonly known as a personal injury attorney.

These legal professionals deal with all kinds of injuries, and they help people every day. When something like this occurs, it is generally because someone has not kept their pet in their own yard. The pet somehow got out and loose, and it went and attacked an innocent person. Unfortunately a lot of times, the injured victims are children. This is a serious problem, and it happens more than you think.

When you hire a dog bite lawyer, there are several things they will do. First, they will investigate the incident. This may require talking to witnesses and doing research. One thing the attorney will have to prove is that the injured person did not provoke the dog in any way.

In many states, a dog’s bite is something that must be proven by the attorney. If the injured party did provoke the dog, the person might not be entitled to compensation for these injuries. An insurance company will usually cover the costs associated with something like this. If you win the case, you will most likely be able to receive the compensation you deserve.